January 2, 2013
Top 25 Posts of 2012

These are my posts that received the most views in 2012. Enjoy the end of year review! :)

  1. One of my favorite fucks of all time. Cameron Lane breeding Cody Lockheart. There’s a reason this has over 12,000 notes, and counting ;)
  2. Ed Gunn gangbanged into heaven
  3. Just be a good boy… Oh, take it like a little bitch boy!
  4. Guy fucks and cums inside a fleshlight
  5. One of the best glory hole fucks I’ve ever seen
  6. Verbal #teambottom’s are the best :)
  7. Cobra is really dominating the top 10, 4 of the top 7. Another great fuck from the now defunct studio
  8. Kevin unloads in Jonas… and keeps on fuckin’
  9. Jessy Karson and Brad McGuire fucking the life out of Cory Koons. Best… Three way… Ever…
  10. Tim Skyler, you rock :D
  11. Dads know best ;)
  12. Latin twink orgy, cum-filled #teambottom. Yummy :)
  13. Antonio Biaggi doing what he does best
  14. Lito Cruz remains one of the best tops of all time
  15. Best.. Powerbottom.. Ever.. EVER!! Sorry Christian, sorry Dawson
  16. I was surprised this rated so highly. Vid of me getting fucked by my friend :)
  17. #Teambottom bliss
  18. Antonio Biaggi introducing Ron Rossi to his wondrous cock
  19. Latin twink creampie love
  20. BJ Slater creaming bottoms on film for almost 30 years. There’s a reason for that
  21. Sage Daniels having his fill, literally, of Lito Cruz. What a masterful fuck
  22. Second Dan Fisk flick in the top 25. He’s such a great top. Not the biggest, but he knows how to use it ;)
  23. The first video I ever posted, still going strong. And with good reason. ;)
  24. More Cobra! Man, that studio cranked out some classics. Just wish they were still around :(
  25. Love this fuck, and apparently so do all of you :)

April 8, 2012

brad mcguire feeding christian #teamoral #teamswallow #teambigdick

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